Table Seating

11 Sep

Cutting down the guest list is one thing, especially in the WEJ world. Then getting the addresses is another thing, thennn making sure you get the rsvp cards is another task but I will say my guests were very cooperative, besides for the few I just stalked until they gave me an answer. Then it was the table seating, and the last minute “I’m canceling” or “I’m coming” that made you switch everything around every 4.7 seconds. Lastly, it was assigning numbers to that table. When people walk in and see the pretty table of placement cards and flowers, its all WOW! But we laugh because of the drama behind that pretty table.







31 Jan



Happy Monday

7 Oct



got this snap from my dearest friend DS and thought Id screen shot it! 


My life

23 Jan


Photo credit given to this instagram chic and findings given to LilMil


Some of life’s small/big pleasures

5 Sep


One of the best things about New York City is Bloomingdale’s 40 carrots yogurt. If you haven’t already tried it I suggest you do. If your planning a trip to the city make sure you add it to your itinerary. Clothes + makeup + yogurt all in one building. If your wondering how I managed to finish that whole yogurt- well it was not mine. Obvs as the stalker that I am I snapped a photo of someone else’s yogurt while it was being made. If it was mine, I will admit that I would have definitely finished it all.justsaying!


Nickname and a restaurant

2 Aug


While sitting in a cafe in Tel Aviv waiting for some late friends to meet me (I found wifi) as I write to you. It’s been almost three weeks since we last communicated and
I feel sad about it. If you must know I am very busy and having the most amazing time. I can’t concentrate on what I am writing since the couple next to me are having a lovely make out session in front of my face. Clearly they think I look naive and need to be shown some rude action. Anyways. Back to the picture. I saw this restaurant while on the bus. Got very excited it was named after me and snapped a photo. I did later find out one of my best friends cousins own it funny enough. Anyways I better go before they make me buy another thing since I’m a wifi whore. Love from the holy land. Well tel aviv nightclubs aint so holy. Xoxoxox tash


Shalom for now

15 Jul


Leaving the country is no excuse for me not to write blogs. Since I haven’t written many blogs while I have been in the country- but lets make it an excuse anyways. This is a farewell for now. Thought I would share a few pairs of interesting different shoes I tried on the other day (assortment of Giuseppe, jimmy choo, and forgot the other ). P to the S I did not purchase any since the holy land and high heel shoes like that don’t really go so well and the fact that they cost more than what I earned this whole year (I didn’t really make much having an unpaid internship). Good bye for now. Xoxoxoxox.