I know this page will sound so totally conceited, however my friend: The self proclaimed “Sir-Tash-A-Lot came up with all these names. So this page is dedicated to him. Then I thought why not add them to my blog that already makes me look so totally whacked out. 

  • tashionable: (adj) Characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular trend or style. i.e; red pants and a orange top=tashionable.
  • fanTashtic: (adj) Imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality. ie; my fans are fanTashtic. 
  • tashionology: I’m not really sure what this means, something with science maybe.
  • fauxTashion: knockoff china town versions of me. i.e; blogs that try to be me (if there are any).
  • prostitashion: selling myself for money, which I would never ever do.
  • tashionize: when I make people into meeeeee. i.e; when a girl starts wearing color after only wearing black, she was completely tashionized by mwa.
  • tashlike: when things are soooo like something I would do. i.e; wearing gold and silver at the same time. 
  • untashiony: something out of the ordinary. i.e;  when I babysit on saturday night that is very “untashiony” of me. Or when I look like a train wreck.
  • mutlitashking: something not many people can do, but I was blessed with the gift of “multitashking”, giving me the ability to take pics of any given moment while in the middle of doing something else, or listening to a friend while also writing emails and doing work. its great~!! (credit for this one goes to my friend LS).

“LOL”: (which technically is not part of the Tashionary according to Sir-Tash-A-Lot, however I love using it….in case you don’t know LOL – laughing out loud or lots of love)

“Nebach”: (yiddish): its a pity poor thing, sad case 

Oh and “RUDE” is the official hashtag of tashioncity. 

**note: promise I’m not a conceited person, attttt allll**

Oh and pardon all the spelling mistakes in my blog, I have issues with spelling and grammar, I should not be admitting that since I am a blogger. I just lose my patience with spell checking things. Er.

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