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Tash is in the CITY. and I am Alive!

8 Sep

Truth is, I still exist, and so does this blog. I was a very neglectful person for the past couple of months. Here is why;

  1. I was planning a wedding (as per my last few posts)
  2. I then got married
  3. I then moved in to my very own NYC Apartment with  VIEW!! my husband lives here as well of course.
  4. I then had to learn how to cook – was very scary for me- I know the basics and I just keep making the same thing over and over on my amazing brevile griller machine.
  5. Then I went on an amazing lengthy honeymoon, as we all know, tashioncity loves her travel
  6. Then I came home, got back into reality, now its the day after labor day and I felt the need it was time to start writing again.
  7. Why do I want to start writing again, here is why:


  1. I love to write, even if it doesn’t make sense, or isn’t all that exciting
  2. I want my blog to finally become famous
  3. I finally technically am tash in the city – tashioncity of the fashion city, so i can legitimately share my experiences with you all while i live here.



19 Nov

I have decided to take upon another job these days. Job as a sales rep/merchandiser for the jewelry accessory website Chloe & Isabel. I came upon this job posting on linked in and on craigslist and I thought, hey why not, it couldn’t hurt. Investing some money, getting a kit of jewels, and using my marketing skills to promote the jewelry, I could totally do this. So here I am today posting about my very own boutique on this website where I hand selected (most) of the jewelry from the website and put it into my boutique for my people to shop at, while using my very own marketing tool= my blog. The site has tons of different kinds of jewelry, from simple silver and gold plated bangles and rings to colorful stone earrings and necklaces. Accessorizing makes an outfit, makes you feel good about yourself, so just do it! 

HAPPY SHOPPING! treat yourself…treat others…treat strangers…Hanukkah harry buy here, secret Santa buy here! 

https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/tashioncity  – CLICKY CLICKY