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the venue

27 Mar

lets just get a list out there of which venues I saw so maybe i can be your google.

I won’t be giving descriptions because that’s to ones own opinion

3 things I wanted/needed

1. outside ceremony

2. a place where they allowed kosher catering

3. enough space to hold my many guests , (jewish wedding were talking here)..

4. will throw in – somewhere not typical

places i saw ;

green tree country club

Carlyle on the green

surf club

sand castle

Glen Island Harbour Club

Jericho Terrace

Marina del Ray

Garden City Hotel

Westbury Manor

Crescent Beach Club

Fresh Meadows Country Club

Sands of Atlantic Beach

Fox Hollow

Dyker Beach and Golf Club

Rye Town Hilton

Vollage Club Lake Success

VIP Country Club

and then the planning

19 Mar

Being the planner that I am;

a. minored in event planning

b. used a homework planner my whole life

c. still use a planner

d. love organizing

Everyone told me to relax and enjoy the first few days of being engaged. I was so shocked and it didn’t feel real, even to this day I still find it weird to say “my wedding” or “my fiance” or “at my engagement party”. But once I had that ring on my finger I could not sit still, I needed that summer wedding and needed to find that date and venue.LIKE ASAP! So I did what I do best and I started calling/ stalking , whatever you want to call it- every bridal salon and every venue in an hour distance that had an outside.


since my beach wedding, my destination wedding, and my backyard wedding were all out of the question, I had to figure a few things out.

1. how many people do you hold- this was my first question- most places dont hold more than about 250 ppl, because most weddings in this country don’t have more than that but lets not forget I am a WEJ, so that alone raises my amount to over 450….

2. do you do outside catering… as in kosher

3. do you have outside ceremony options….

4. now; which dates do you even have available in June the most popular wedding month…

5. make appointments to go see venue after venue (I saw about 15 places)

6. have anxiety because everywhere is booked and everyone thinks I am asking for 2016 wedding dates, NO!

7. Good news is I got a place, a place I originally said DEFINITELY NOT DOING IT THERE, but lets just say it has a lot of positive checks.


20 Jul

Welcome to Saint Tropez, where the rich of the rich party. and then there is US. Where as you see  below pretended like we belonged so we basically belonged.

Nikki Beach

1. hottest waiters

2. amazing music

3. most stunning gorgeous talented sax player

4. most classiest trashiest people you will ever see

5. most delicious drinks


6. just overall amazing daytime party place and you should go!


winter flubber blubber

4 Feb

I know it’s still peak of winter, but before we know it March will be here, Spring break, Spring, then Summer. Eek. Lezbehonest, we all cannot wait for that moment of a warm weather day but are we really ready to show our bodies to the public? NO, def not, most of us feel physically ill thinking about it. Our tan lines have faded and turned into cellulite, our skin is paler than pale, some of us can even blend into our kitchen walls, and our skin is as dry as rubber even with all our moisturizing. 

We all put on those few (or more than few) pounds throughout the winter and need to start taking of this now. READY.SET.GO!

I shall enlighten you as to why this does happen, then discuss how we can recover from this trauma… 

1. number one being because we wear big sweaters and feel we have extra space, therefore we eat more not realizing we are expanding.

2. we are not tan this causing us to feel ugly so why not look uglier and eat more to comfort our ugliness making ourselves look uglier, yah get me?! 

3. we hibernate in the winter, hibernation equals lots of movies and JUNK FOOD. 

4. summer-time is more popular time to have a boyfriend, winters not so much ( I may be totally making this up)..and boyfriends usually help keep the weight off (unless you do dinners every night)

How to shed these unwanted pounds…?

1. stop eating, (the bad stuff) I know food is amazing, I do..trust me. But just imagine yourself on the beach very soon from now.  Mojito by your side, reading the latest best seller, while phone in hand ready to take the best instagram photo of the season with your bronze slim legs at the edge of the photo. 

2. start shopping for swimwear and try it on, you will re think not wanting to diet. 

3. stalk your old bikini pictures and admire yourself, and how you can get back to that. 

4. hell, make that picture your background – or make Bar Refaeli your background. 

5. hit the gym obvs, or take up yoga like I have and pretend you’re fit. 


a white selfie

8 May

White is ALLOWED to be worn before Memorial Day

& After Labor Day.

Always been one of my RULES OF YESSING. White is a fabulous color and should be worn all year around, I don’t mean wear white linen pants on a snow day but wear the appropriate fabric according to the season. top and bottom!

This picture was taken last labor day- Classic nebach bathroom selfie, I know!


happy 4th of the month of july

4 Jul