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Back Tracking.. to the Bridal..

8 Sep

Before I start posting about City things and such I want to backtrack a couple of months to wedding planning. I love weddings and now that I have planned one, I want to share some things with you all that may or may not come in handy. I know this is not a wedding blog but we can make it one for a bit.

Lets talk about Bridal Showers; the party where you invite girls – aware you will be receiving presents – play games and then its over.

A week before the shower I did not have an outfit, i had shoes tho (jeffrey campbell – revolveclothing.com ) FLORAL SHOE– Since I was the main gig of the event so I really needed an outfit. Luckily I grabbed this pink tulle d&g back up skirt I was not really keen on wearing.

Thank the lord for ASOS.COM because I raided that website like a crazy lady and I ordered tons and tons of tops until I found the cutest white cropped top with a tie bow at the back, that I just love so much I want to wear daily.

I then came across a cute hair pin from the site and through that in my hair as well…

and thats that, I looked oh so very bridally. I think.. at least



and then the perks of having your sister as a makeup artist!



19 Nov

I have decided to take upon another job these days. Job as a sales rep/merchandiser for the jewelry accessory website Chloe & Isabel. I came upon this job posting on linked in and on craigslist and I thought, hey why not, it couldn’t hurt. Investing some money, getting a kit of jewels, and using my marketing skills to promote the jewelry, I could totally do this. So here I am today posting about my very own boutique on this website where I hand selected (most) of the jewelry from the website and put it into my boutique for my people to shop at, while using my very own marketing tool= my blog. The site has tons of different kinds of jewelry, from simple silver and gold plated bangles and rings to colorful stone earrings and necklaces. Accessorizing makes an outfit, makes you feel good about yourself, so just do it! 

HAPPY SHOPPING! treat yourself…treat others…treat strangers…Hanukkah harry buy here, secret Santa buy here! 

https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/tashioncity  – CLICKY CLICKY


Mishap at F21

30 Oct

While walking through the massively bajungus Forever 21 in Times Sq I need to pace myself. The amount of product, the people, the escalators, the lighting can give anyone a headache. But I do my quick sweep, see if there is anything I may feel the need to have and to hold in my closet from that day forward. While browsing the lounge wear/lingerie section I came across those “silky/cottony collared subtly sexy pajamas”. I am quite obssessed with them, and whenever I’m at a bridal shower and the bride gets a silk set from Victoria Secret I always feel tempted after to by myself one, and then I tell myself not to because its quite weird. My thermals and fleeces and cottons will do the pajama trick. I happen to be looking at the tags of these pajamas and I see a very high ticket number. I was completely shocked. So obvs first thing I do is take a snap chat. Im a SCS- snap chat slut. Then I checked the other price tags and the item was 15$. F21 majorly screwed up on that one. Imagine someone really believed it and would pay that much for pajamas there. Haa. After I left I wondered why I didn’t take it to the cashier and tell them, since its so something I would do. 

well anyways here is proof 



what I wear on my feet

22 Apr

In this type of weather that can’t actually make up its mind I get awfully confused when I awaken from my good nights sleep and I find myself asking my mother the same question daily “maaaaa what should i wear today”, and her answer is always “oh tashie, I don’t know, you never listen to what I tell you to wear so its a waste of time”. But in the weather department its actually father who is spot on and not mother, and weather and shoes are usually connected so I don’t know why I just told you my morning convo with my mom but I thought it fit in well. Anyways, I get too hot in my socks and booties and too cold in my sandals while my freshly pedicured toes are exposed, so the best kinda shoes I guess are these ! ! ~conversational,crystalized, funky flats~