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Say yes to the Dress… Only happens on TV?

10 Sep

After a long and hard search for the dress that would WOW me. I went to every Wedding Salon in the NYC area. Mainly to see what looked good on me but mostly just to do it for “the story”, “the snapchat”, the “I went to try on  at Monique today”. My mother had enough of me tryingg to get her all emotional with every dress I walked out with because they were all just starting to become ugly and the same. I ended up making one at Karen Sabag Couture. THE BEST!! 

Her mama made my sisters dress (6 years ago) and it was oh so fabulous.

Now, I know 24 isn’t old to get married but I’m also not 18 anymore so I couldn’t technically think I was a princess and wear that massive type dress. but guess what, I DID (mainly because my mother said “it needs to be huge” and because I always wanted a long train). SO, I wore a huge massively big heavy 50 yards of double sided satin princess wedding gown. 

I designed it with my mother as well as Karen herself.

Here are some pics (some slightly awkward selfie faces) of some of the process.. (minus the corset pictures with no pants on)

scrolly scrolly 



10 Oct

Apart from the fact they have accents that are sexual, mouth watering, and we all wish we had. London City is quite a fabulouso place. And I will tell you why:

  1. Well for one my mother was born here, well not in London but in New Castle Upon Time which is the North of England, so if it wasn’t for this place bringing her into the world (and her parents of course) I would’nt be here, and that would be just plain ol’ sad.
  2. They have Carnaby Street, only one of the best shopping streets in the world.
  3. They have the queen, and tea at 4 pm.
  4. They have the world’s best chocolate, that makes me extremely fat!
  5. The Velenskis live here, one of the craziest coolest amazingest families in the world.
  6. Amanda Hallay resided here for many years, she’s only the best fashion writer, fashion forecaster, professor, and most fabulous woman ever. 
  7. The creator of the mini skirt is from here; Mary Quant, one of the coolest woman ever. I mean what would we all wear clubbing if she didnt invent that thing.
  8. And obvs THE BEATLES are from here, what would we do without them in this world!!!!!!???
  9. And so much more that I am way tooo jetlagged to even think of. so google the place if you don’t know about it.

got to go get ready to have tea with Kate and Elizabeth (thats the queen and princess. and yes we are on a first name basis) Jealous?