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Tash is in the CITY. and I am Alive!

8 Sep

Truth is, I still exist, and so does this blog. I was a very neglectful person for the past couple of months. Here is why;

  1. I was planning a wedding (as per my last few posts)
  2. I then got married
  3. I then moved in to my very own NYC Apartment with  VIEW!! my husband lives here as well of course.
  4. I then had to learn how to cook – was very scary for me- I know the basics and I just keep making the same thing over and over on my amazing brevile griller machine.
  5. Then I went on an amazing lengthy honeymoon, as we all know, tashioncity loves her travel
  6. Then I came home, got back into reality, now its the day after labor day and I felt the need it was time to start writing again.
  7. Why do I want to start writing again, here is why:


  1. I love to write, even if it doesn’t make sense, or isn’t all that exciting
  2. I want my blog to finally become famous
  3. I finally technically am tash in the city – tashioncity of the fashion city, so i can legitimately share my experiences with you all while i live here.


NYFW most observant stand (sit) byer

10 Feb

New York Fashion Week has arrived and while at Lincoln Center today I saw many trendy, beautiful, bright, weird, interesting, cool outfits. But one girl in particular caught my eye. Sitting there in the absolute ice cold weather winter we are having here in NY was a girl painting portraits of all the people. One to admire! 





my claim to fame part quattro (I’ve lost count)

22 Mar

No really, I have lost count! All this fame is getting to me. HAAAAAAAAA totally JK, if only……

Its quite funny since I am always snapping photos of people for my blog and here I was being asked to have my photo takes. #whataretheodds

I actually left the house yesterday hating my outfit, and when I decide I don’t like my outfit which sadly is way too often it brings down my day.

Lunchtime came and I thought what shall I do?

1. I am over shopping, 1. I did not have my book to read in central park, 3. Bloomingdale’s 40 carrots yogurt is not part of my crash diet…so I decided MADISON AVENUE! ahhh stroll the blocks of that fabulous avenue. Whilst on the phone with the woman who birthed me I got stopped by a very nice girl and asked if she can take a picture of me. Truth is I was shocked and confused but said yes why not! I want people to cooperate with me and my photographing so I thought I would also. Stood there posed, laughed, did my thing and asked her why she wanted a picture of me looking a complete mess.  She said it looked great and that is exactly why she liked it. I don’t mind, if she don’t mind. 

We exhanged information, I ended up on her blog, She ended up on mine. Sharing the love is what us bloggers do. Yaddda deee daaa doo!

Click here to go straight to Vanessa’s fabulous blog about nyc street wear and read more about yours truly…love love love it 

while we are at it here are my other claims to fame:

Tom’s Eye View: Fashion Week September 2011 

Man Repeller Arm Party Contest- I won- I am the hands in the bottom left side 

Man Repeller in the window at Saks and you can spot me in  red scarf outside the window. click! 

And here is my arm again on another blog… clickieeee


SOL has escaped

12 Nov

Apparently Lady Statue of Liberty was sick of being stuck on Ellis Island with all the boring tourists coming to see her. So she has escaped to a better life in Henri Bendel window, where she is decked out in fur and jewels and a new pointy crown thingy. O and she even got herself a dog to fit in….

and now we all kind of wish we were her…don’t lie, I know you do.


Visit yours truly @ Henri Bendel, I will be working there for the next 7 weeks…I will be the sales associate whose broke from buying all their amazing products wahh. Can’t help myself.