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Back Tracking.. to the Bridal..

8 Sep

Before I start posting about City things and such I want to backtrack a couple of months to wedding planning. I love weddings and now that I have planned one, I want to share some things with you all that may or may not come in handy. I know this is not a wedding blog but we can make it one for a bit.

Lets talk about Bridal Showers; the party where you invite girls – aware you will be receiving presents – play games and then its over.

A week before the shower I did not have an outfit, i had shoes tho (jeffrey campbell – revolveclothing.com ) FLORAL SHOE– Since I was the main gig of the event so I really needed an outfit. Luckily I grabbed this pink tulle d&g back up skirt I was not really keen on wearing.

Thank the lord for ASOS.COM because I raided that website like a crazy lady and I ordered tons and tons of tops until I found the cutest white cropped top with a tie bow at the back, that I just love so much I want to wear daily.

I then came across a cute hair pin from the site and through that in my hair as well…

and thats that, I looked oh so very bridally. I think.. at least



and then the perks of having your sister as a makeup artist!



8 Apr

Yesterday I was my makeup artist sisters wing woman at the IMAT -international makeup artist trade show. Never have I seen so many girls in one place, Ok that is a lie- the Backstreet Bosy Concert I went to in 2010 def is up there with girls only mega fest. However there were a few men at this event, some trans and some gays but hay they are still men. 

Got me some makeup, green mascara, blue polish, sparkle eye shadow, purple lipsticks and yah know just a repeat of the makeup I do already own. 


need a fabulous make up artist for any event, email claudiaghadamian@gmail.com 

I wear a rainbow on my face, apparently!

7 Nov

My friends and I wanted to go out for Halloween. However, we did not want to dress up too intensely since we are WEJ’s and yah know. So one of them says, “Ok fine I will put hard core blue eyeliner on”. While the other one says; “Okay and I will put really bright pink lipstick on”

“Uh guys you totally just described my every day makeup”: that’s what I said

Totally not insulted though because that’s just me and I guess I just learned to live with myself. Kinda

Since this was an exclusive line, I cry every day knowing that it will eventually end. I have turned into one of those people who “preserve” their makeup. Ew. But I did find a very similar color……

THEN, for parties I add in a little pazaz to the rainbow……


Try it sometime…maybe?