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the venue

27 Mar

lets just get a list out there of which venues I saw so maybe i can be your google.

I won’t be giving descriptions because that’s to ones own opinion

3 things I wanted/needed

1. outside ceremony

2. a place where they allowed kosher catering

3. enough space to hold my many guests , (jewish wedding were talking here)..

4. will throw in – somewhere not typical

places i saw ;

green tree country club

Carlyle on the green

surf club

sand castle

Glen Island Harbour Club

Jericho Terrace

Marina del Ray

Garden City Hotel

Westbury Manor

Crescent Beach Club

Fresh Meadows Country Club

Sands of Atlantic Beach

Fox Hollow

Dyker Beach and Golf Club

Rye Town Hilton

Vollage Club Lake Success

VIP Country Club



31 Jan


Candy Wrappers on a Board

29 Jan

A board being a puzzle and puzzle being one of my hobbies which I have posted about in the past.

500 pc, 1000 pc, 1500 pc… whichever one floats my boat at the moment in time

Maybe I need to get out more? Maybe I need a full time job? Maybe I need a different hobby?

But to be honest its really fun, you need patience to do it – lots of it- it also teaches you patience which is a fabo quality to have in life, This puzzle did make me feel hungry which wasn’t very good because of the weight I gained while on vacation last month.


Snap Chat Wh***

27 Jan

I am notoriously known these days for being a pyscho bitch snap chatting wh***. I will say though I am a very good multi tasker and I am able to snap chat a moment at any given time, send them to my very many contacts (who have added me “at their own risk”) and then sometimes make a very fascinating story. I don’t send pictures of my face all day, and I dont send of my breakfast lunch and dinner, nor do I send boring things. I send all different kind of snaps, funny things, random things, friends, siblings, my niece, activities…..

So I will say I don’t spend all day snapping however I came across this photo today while on etsy.com (looking for decor for the showroom I work at) and I thought it was mucho approrpoate to be my monday life motto. And guesss what?!!?!!!? I snap chatted it to all my contacts and I made it my story. BamImage

the saviour to my nights

25 Apr

The granola in my yogurt, the mayo in my egg sandwich, the cheese on my pasta, the sprinkles on my froyo,the hearts of palm in my salad, the color in my clothes and the chanel boots in my night. I know I may sound so utterly superficial talking about how my Chanel boots are the apple of my eye. But I can justify myself- I go to parties, lounges (retired from clubs as of last week), events and I am the tallest girl in the room. I can see over every wej’s mans head and non wej’s mans head. Not only that, I am in pain an hour into the night and I just want a foot massage by a thai lady who gave me one in Thailand that time I was there. Well anyways, these boots have saved my life for the past 7 months. Oh and I forgot to mention!!!! They actually fit me, as we know tashioncity ain’t got the smallest of the feet but these Chanel angel darling boots size 40 fit me! its a miracle, a wonder, a thanking! And I don’t ever want them to get worn out. 

photo 1 (1)