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rumor has it; tashioncity getting hitched?

19 Mar

Slightly delayed post, this time I may have a legitimate excuse as to why. However, I should not really be excusing myself I should have been here all this time telling you about my wedding journey, but don’t fret I am here now to do so.

For those of you who have been following me from the start of my blogging life you will know I spoke much about my dating excursions and love life or lack thereof. So here is some Great News!!! I am officially GETTING MARRIED. Yes i know it may be a shock to your system, it was to mine and still is, but this is not a drill this is the real deal.

Now before we go into details of the past 2 months of wedding planning and such lets just back track a bit. In a few posts ago I told you how I went on a date and it wasn’t a disaster. Well that date that I thought was not a disaster- the man who is my fiance now – thought it was a disaster but for some odd reason asked me out again. It is still a mystery to me why he did but I will take it.

the unknowiling disaster date that turned into complete success ;

1. I didn’t talk

2. when I did speak I answered his questions and that was it

3. I pronounced words wrong, and him being a intellect and perfectionist realized and stilll makes fun of me today about it

4. I chatted more to the gay waiter than I did to him

5. I told him how hot the bartender was and he must be french because french men are gorgeous

6. when we left the bar (mulberry projects- i suggest everyone go there and get the mojitos) it was pouring rain, I stood there while he tried to get a cab.

7. this cab was taking me back to penn station because I thought he wanted to end the date so I said yes I need to catch a train


1. we both discovered we love coffee ice cream and melted cheese

2. and that’s about it.

When he texted me after the date.. I WAS SHOCKED!! I thought for sure another date was not happening. I actually didn’t think it was a disaster but I was not phased either way for a second date. Mind you – on our second date he asked me for a third. I was like woah this kid is totally keen but still wondering why.

Not to bore you with details. lets skip forward a few dates- still was “EH” about it, went away for a few weeks, came out and still was “EH” BUT FEELING IT BIT MORE. then about 3 months in… this kid stole my heart, like how the H did that happen.

Now not to get all scientific- cheesy-kabbalistic on you all- When I look back at our beginning relationship, I realize there was something there from the start that i never realized but I guess subconsciously I felt it.

Less than 6 months later. BAM! he was down on one knee

(obviously more technical things happened before that moment but lets pretend it was all dramatic as it sounds)

IMG_3474 IMG_3483 IMG_3485 IMG_3493  IMG_3528 IMG_3565