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Back Tracking.. to the Bridal..

8 Sep

Before I start posting about City things and such I want to backtrack a couple of months to wedding planning. I love weddings and now that I have planned one, I want to share some things with you all that may or may not come in handy. I know this is not a wedding blog but we can make it one for a bit.

Lets talk about Bridal Showers; the party where you invite girls – aware you will be receiving presents – play games and then its over.

A week before the shower I did not have an outfit, i had shoes tho (jeffrey campbell – revolveclothing.com ) FLORAL SHOE– Since I was the main gig of the event so I really needed an outfit. Luckily I grabbed this pink tulle d&g back up skirt I was not really keen on wearing.

Thank the lord for ASOS.COM because I raided that website like a crazy lady and I ordered tons and tons of tops until I found the cutest white cropped top with a tie bow at the back, that I just love so much I want to wear daily.

I then came across a cute hair pin from the site and through that in my hair as well…

and thats that, I looked oh so very bridally. I think.. at least



and then the perks of having your sister as a makeup artist!


Tash is in the CITY. and I am Alive!

8 Sep

Truth is, I still exist, and so does this blog. I was a very neglectful person for the past couple of months. Here is why;

  1. I was planning a wedding (as per my last few posts)
  2. I then got married
  3. I then moved in to my very own NYC Apartment with  VIEW!! my husband lives here as well of course.
  4. I then had to learn how to cook – was very scary for me- I know the basics and I just keep making the same thing over and over on my amazing brevile griller machine.
  5. Then I went on an amazing lengthy honeymoon, as we all know, tashioncity loves her travel
  6. Then I came home, got back into reality, now its the day after labor day and I felt the need it was time to start writing again.
  7. Why do I want to start writing again, here is why:


  1. I love to write, even if it doesn’t make sense, or isn’t all that exciting
  2. I want my blog to finally become famous
  3. I finally technically am tash in the city – tashioncity of the fashion city, so i can legitimately share my experiences with you all while i live here.


NYFW most observant stand (sit) byer

10 Feb

New York Fashion Week has arrived and while at Lincoln Center today I saw many trendy, beautiful, bright, weird, interesting, cool outfits. But one girl in particular caught my eye. Sitting there in the absolute ice cold weather winter we are having here in NY was a girl painting portraits of all the people. One to admire! 





Bathroom Wedding Selfies

28 Jan

I know its not the classiest thing in the world but it has to be done, dont it

Bathroom Wedding Selfies with the Sitserly 


Dresses: both by Alice and Olivia 

leather with leather

27 Jan

Yes I do believe leather can be worn with leather. It also looks great with a fake airbrush spray tan which is what I wore with it. 

What I am wearing

Top: Zara

Red Leatha Pantaloons: Vince Camuto 

Shoes: Carolina Herrera 


Classic Mirror Selfie Snap Chat Time Image

Black and White and the Sun

21 Mar

Just so you can get an idea of what I will be wearing this vacation in Puerto Rico while hiding behind my books (I made sure to order manyyyyy since I am usually the local library on my Passover Vacations) while also making sure I come back as dark as an African child, so I can live up to my reputation of always having fabulous tans. 

I will be sporting a pair of round glass with pearls on them from asos.com, no they are surely not real pearls in case you were JW (just wondering)

and a pair of striped black and white from Zara’s. A store I did happen to stalk this season. 


The backless VS The frontless

12 Dec

For as long as I could remember it was always apparently ” sexy ” when a woman had cleavage showing. I never really thought so. OK, maybe a girl with a gorgeous figure and a low cute tight dress is sexy. But not when your 11th grade 50 year old teachers boobs are in your face because her top is so low down she basically shouldn’t even be wearing one. Don’t appreciate that. At all! But anyways this season the high neck completely covered front is sooooo like totally in………..
So when you walk into a party and your all covered up and look conservative. The first thing a guy will think is woah why did she turn into Saint Mary and he may possibly not want to talk to you because you are just too closed off but then when you turn and walk away. Bam. He wishes he chatted you up. So here are examples- not the very best ones and its done in a total ghetto snapshot iphone kinda way. since ima lazy blogger bum xo.