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and then the planning

19 Mar

Being the planner that I am;

a. minored in event planning

b. used a homework planner my whole life

c. still use a planner

d. love organizing

Everyone told me to relax and enjoy the first few days of being engaged. I was so shocked and it didn’t feel real, even to this day I still find it weird to say “my wedding” or “my fiance” or “at my engagement party”. But once I had that ring on my finger I could not sit still, I needed that summer wedding and needed to find that date and venue.LIKE ASAP! So I did what I do best and I started calling/ stalking , whatever you want to call it- every bridal salon and every venue in an hour distance that had an outside.


since my beach wedding, my destination wedding, and my backyard wedding were all out of the question, I had to figure a few things out.

1. how many people do you hold- this was my first question- most places dont hold more than about 250 ppl, because most weddings in this country don’t have more than that but lets not forget I am a WEJ, so that alone raises my amount to over 450….

2. do you do outside catering… as in kosher

3. do you have outside ceremony options….

4. now; which dates do you even have available in June┬áthe most popular wedding month…

5. make appointments to go see venue after venue (I saw about 15 places)

6. have anxiety because everywhere is booked and everyone thinks I am asking for 2016 wedding dates, NO!

7. Good news is I got a place, a place I originally said DEFINITELY NOT DOING IT THERE, but lets just say it has a lot of positive checks.