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rumor has it; tashioncity getting hitched?

19 Mar

Slightly delayed post, this time I may have a legitimate excuse as to why. However, I should not really be excusing myself I should have been here all this time telling you about my wedding journey, but don’t fret I am here now to do so.

For those of you who have been following me from the start of my blogging life you will know I spoke much about my dating excursions and love life or lack thereof. So here is some Great News!!! I am officially GETTING MARRIED. Yes i know it may be a shock to your system, it was to mine and still is, but this is not a drill this is the real deal.

Now before we go into details of the past 2 months of wedding planning and such lets just back track a bit. In a few posts ago I told you how I went on a date and it wasn’t a disaster. Well that date that I thought was not a disaster- the man who is my fiance now – thought it was a disaster but for some odd reason asked me out again. It is still a mystery to me why he did but I will take it.

the unknowiling disaster date that turned into complete success ;

1. I didn’t talk

2. when I did speak I answered his questions and that was it

3. I pronounced words wrong, and him being a intellect and perfectionist realized and stilll makes fun of me today about it

4. I chatted more to the gay waiter than I did to him

5. I told him how hot the bartender was and he must be french because french men are gorgeous

6. when we left the bar (mulberry projects- i suggest everyone go there and get the mojitos) it was pouring rain, I stood there while he tried to get a cab.

7. this cab was taking me back to penn station because I thought he wanted to end the date so I said yes I need to catch a train


1. we both discovered we love coffee ice cream and melted cheese

2. and that’s about it.

When he texted me after the date.. I WAS SHOCKED!! I thought for sure another date was not happening. I actually didn’t think it was a disaster but I was not phased either way for a second date. Mind you – on our second date he asked me for a third. I was like woah this kid is totally keen but still wondering why.

Not to bore you with details. lets skip forward a few dates- still was “EH” about it, went away for a few weeks, came out and still was “EH” BUT FEELING IT BIT MORE. then about 3 months in… this kid stole my heart, like how the H did that happen.

Now not to get all scientific- cheesy-kabbalistic on you all- When I look back at our beginning relationship, I realize there was something there from the start that i never realized but I guess subconsciously I felt it.

Less than 6 months later. BAM! he was down on one knee

(obviously more technical things happened before that moment but lets pretend it was all dramatic as it sounds)

IMG_3474 IMG_3483 IMG_3485 IMG_3493  IMG_3528 IMG_3565

Gangster social media swag

19 Mar

dress up holiday for the WEJ’s where we eats lots of junk food, go to parties and arent judged for looking like a slut.. this year I opted for a gansgter girl and a social media cbw (crazy bitch whore). Thought my social media costume- self made- was quite genius, if I can say so myself. All day we tweet, facebook post, instagram like, and snapchat so I decided to represent them all on my body and a hashtag on my head and birdies on , ironic ey?

both pictures are bathroom selfies, trashy I know. but its just how it is these days



my claim to fame part quattro (I’ve lost count)

22 Mar

No really, I have lost count! All this fame is getting to me. HAAAAAAAAA totally JK, if only……

Its quite funny since I am always snapping photos of people for my blog and here I was being asked to have my photo takes. #whataretheodds

I actually left the house yesterday hating my outfit, and when I decide I don’t like my outfit which sadly is way too often it brings down my day.

Lunchtime came and I thought what shall I do?

1. I am over shopping, 1. I did not have my book to read in central park, 3. Bloomingdale’s 40 carrots yogurt is not part of my crash diet…so I decided MADISON AVENUE! ahhh stroll the blocks of that fabulous avenue. Whilst on the phone with the woman who birthed me I got stopped by a very nice girl and asked if she can take a picture of me. Truth is I was shocked and confused but said yes why not! I want people to cooperate with me and my photographing so I thought I would also. Stood there posed, laughed, did my thing and asked her why she wanted a picture of me looking a complete mess.  She said it looked great and that is exactly why she liked it. I don’t mind, if she don’t mind. 

We exhanged information, I ended up on her blog, She ended up on mine. Sharing the love is what us bloggers do. Yaddda deee daaa doo!

Click here to go straight to Vanessa’s fabulous blog about nyc street wear and read more about yours truly…love love love it 

while we are at it here are my other claims to fame:

Tom’s Eye View: Fashion Week September 2011 

Man Repeller Arm Party Contest- I won- I am the hands in the bottom left side 

Man Repeller in the window at Saks and you can spot me in  red scarf outside the window. click! 

And here is my arm again on another blog… clickieeee