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Back Tracking.. to the Bridal..

8 Sep

Before I start posting about City things and such I want to backtrack a couple of months to wedding planning. I love weddings and now that I have planned one, I want to share some things with you all that may or may not come in handy. I know this is not a wedding blog but we can make it one for a bit.

Lets talk about Bridal Showers; the party where you invite girls – aware you will be receiving presents – play games and then its over.

A week before the shower I did not have an outfit, i had shoes tho (jeffrey campbell – revolveclothing.com ) FLORAL SHOE– Since I was the main gig of the event so I really needed an outfit. Luckily I grabbed this pink tulle d&g back up skirt I was not really keen on wearing.

Thank the lord for ASOS.COM because I raided that website like a crazy lady and I ordered tons and tons of tops until I found the cutest white cropped top with a tie bow at the back, that I just love so much I want to wear daily.

I then came across a cute hair pin from the site and through that in my hair as well…

and thats that, I looked oh so very bridally. I think.. at least



and then the perks of having your sister as a makeup artist!


Tweeettyyyy Bird

30 Oct

My child cartoon obsession with Tweety Bird. I just loved him so very much. Yes despite his long eyelashes and high pitched voice tweety is a male dude. While browsing through asos, one of my many hobbies these days I came across this. I need it in my closet ASAPPP.



Black and White and the Sun

21 Mar

Just so you can get an idea of what I will be wearing this vacation in Puerto Rico while hiding behind my books (I made sure to order manyyyyy since I am usually the local library on my Passover Vacations) while also making sure I come back as dark as an African child, so I can live up to my reputation of always having fabulous tans. 

I will be sporting a pair of round glass with pearls on them from asos.com, no they are surely not real pearls in case you were JW (just wondering)

and a pair of striped black and white from Zara’s. A store I did happen to stalk this season.