10 Dec

My New Business Venture. Working as independent consultant for a health and wellness company called Arbonne!

The product is great and the business is even greater. If you are looking to work independently, on your own schedule, build a business then let me know and I can totally help you. As for the product its all botanical, vegan-gluton-toxin free. They have over 400 products from nutrition-cosmetics-anti-aging-hair-acne-men-women-babies. If you are sick of your bad protein bars we have great ones, if you can stand spending ten minutes taking off your eye makeup, they have a toner/cleanser that takes it off in seconds and I am not even kidding. Their makeup makes me look great and I never say that about myself. The CC cream – wowweee.

Anyways – LMK – like let me know totally – and I can totally make your bathroom closet a new look (product wise) , and make money in your bank go up the scale.

When you remember you have a BLOG!?!

4 Dec

I have been asked by one too many fans to continue with my blog, which then I answered- What Blog?!?!?

Having them remind me of this blog I started oh a couple years ago and would tell you all about my travels, fashions, sightseeing, thoughts and what not. Truth is I did not forget I had a blog. How could I ever. But when its not your full time job and your life is filled with other things (exciting and not so exciting) and everyday you tell yourself “tash, write a post”, one thing leads to another and bam its months later and you haven’t written in gd only knows how long- whose counting? over 70 days is it?

A quick update on a few things I have been up to ; Not that you care but its protocol really.

1. still at the same job I complain about here and there, but I need to learn to appreciate it.

2. I almost got a job at Vogue Magazine then dumb things happened and I did not

3. I did start working with a health and wellness company which has totally rad products that you so want to have in your bathroom cabinet, so contact me for more information (comment on this post or something) and we can get you this product. I will write a seperate post about this wonderful product called – Arbonne.

4. I went to about 6 baskeball games this season so far

5. I went to my first Rangers game and it was totally cool

6. I went on a date and it didnt suck, it may have even been almost good

7. I went to the Dominican Republic to a resort with a Kosher Section, so any of your WEJs out there who want all inclusive kosher place – go there!

8. I have been part of two couples who are dating and going strong- these may be my partial pass into heaven.

9. I have gone to a few drag shows

10. I explored Williamsburg the proper way and totally fell in love.

11. And I have put on a few pounds, lost a few pounds, and put them on again.

12. Oh and I tried my first lemon grass shot the other morning “to cleanse by insides” , well I went on the treadmill after and instead of cleaning the insides, it came back up and cleaned my toilet bowl, sorry for the TMI.

Anyways I hereby declare I am back in the TashionCity action!

When the shitty thing actually happens to YOU

25 Jul

You know when people tell you stories and you never think that would happen to you…

And then you travel through Europe and everyone warns you to always be careful and never take an eye off your bags. And you say yes yes I know, I heard, I won’t, don’t worry. Then next thing you know your making that crying phone call to your parents.

And then you have someone like me who sets ground rules for your trip through France because I have experiences in the travelling department.

We took an over night train from Paris to Nice ( a city in France that’s spelled like the word we use to describe things just in case you did not know).

While fast asleep in our 6 person bunk bed cabin, early in the morning one of the train conductors came in, when into my friends back as she was on the bottom bunk, opened her bag and took 800 euro and hundreds of dollars in cash. Leaving behind her cards and passport- thank gd for that. It is the sketchies creepiest thing but it is our only option of how it all went missing. We did cause a scene while entering the train with our big ass suitcases and matching t-shirts.


We laughed about it and we made the trip logo “we pay for the story”.  





When we were actually cool

24 Jul

That time when I actually was considered really cool whilst being in France! 


When we did yoga and shiz at the Louv

24 Jul

The Louvre, one of the most famous museums in all the Land.

Just take note: its closed on Tuesdays

and while I am on the note taking topic… The French don’t love to work. They close their shops and restaurants in the afternoon for a few hours. I know in Italy they have this siesta thing going on but I am not sure if it is the same thing in France, But basically don’t plan to shop or eat during the afternoon.

We attempted to go to the Louvre the Monday we arrived in Paris, but it closed at 5:30, ending up just taking pictures around it. Tuesday was our second chance and we hear its closed. After travelling through the South of France we find ourselves heading back to the Louv. Mind you we have our pre paid tickets I had delivered to my home before the trip started. My sister loses the tickets. We go to the desk tell them we have been pick pocketed- tickets taken as well. Told them we travelled back to France just for this museum. Not the whole truth but it got us in without having to re-buy new tickets.

We did not have much time, but thats besides the point. My friends wanted to see the Mona and that is where we were headed. At ten years old I saw it and pushed my way in to see this painting everyone always spoke about. When we arrived it was like The Queen of England had just arrived. I couldn’t even see the painting this time so we just took selfies with it from afar and then took our famous selfie mirror pictures.




When Wiz Khalifa actually becomes your friend

20 Jul

I am sitting in a rooftop bar in Cannes watching Germany kick another teams butt as they were doing for every game this past world cup there were some gorgeous men there as per usual whilst in France, and a few creepy ones. While walking home we see the two creepy men following us on a very safe street but to throw them off we decided to go into the Marriott Hotel.


First things first: I go to the desk and tell them our situation and get their WIFI code

Second thing: we sit on their couches and pretend we belong, which we technically do since our apartment was just down the road, so its mi casa e su casa type of thing.

Third thing: my sister spots people, things, places, she just has that eye that recognizes things.

Two nights before we were with Lil John while he DJ’d in Saint Tropez, we were saddened we were missing Wiz perform.

While sitting on the couches, mooching wifi and talking to our american people, my sister notices a lossy of men including Wiz come out the elevator. We take a few pictures with him, he gives us his number, invites us to his performance the following night, I tell him how saddened we were that we were missing him in Saint Tropez, and all this happened while he had a big ass J in his hand…apparently its a normal thing to do there, my naiveness didn’t even notice it at first.








20 Jul

Welcome to Saint Tropez, where the rich of the rich party. and then there is US. Where as you see  below pretended like we belonged so we basically belonged.

Nikki Beach

1. hottest waiters

2. amazing music

3. most stunning gorgeous talented sax player

4. most classiest trashiest people you will ever see

5. most delicious drinks


6. just overall amazing daytime party place and you should go!