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Table Seating

11 Sep

Cutting down the guest list is one thing, especially in the WEJ world. Then getting the addresses is another thing, thennn making sure you get the rsvp cards is another task but I will say my guests were very cooperative, besides for the few I just stalked until they gave me an answer. Then it was the table seating, and the last minute “I’m canceling” or “I’m coming” that made you switch everything around every 4.7 seconds. Lastly, it was assigning numbers to that table. When people walk in and see the pretty table of placement cards and flowers, its all WOW! But we laugh because of the drama behind that pretty table.





Say yes to the Dress… Only happens on TV?

10 Sep

After a long and hard search for the dress that would WOW me. I went to every Wedding Salon in the NYC area. Mainly to see what looked good on me but mostly just to do it for “the story”, “the snapchat”, the “I went to try on  at Monique today”. My mother had enough of me tryingg to get her all emotional with every dress I walked out with because they were all just starting to become ugly and the same. I ended up making one at Karen Sabag Couture. THE BEST!! 

Her mama made my sisters dress (6 years ago) and it was oh so fabulous.

Now, I know 24 isn’t old to get married but I’m also not 18 anymore so I couldn’t technically think I was a princess and wear that massive type dress. but guess what, I DID (mainly because my mother said “it needs to be huge” and because I always wanted a long train). SO, I wore a huge massively big heavy 50 yards of double sided satin princess wedding gown. 

I designed it with my mother as well as Karen herself.

Here are some pics (some slightly awkward selfie faces) of some of the process.. (minus the corset pictures with no pants on)

scrolly scrolly 


Back Tracking.. to the Bridal..

8 Sep

Before I start posting about City things and such I want to backtrack a couple of months to wedding planning. I love weddings and now that I have planned one, I want to share some things with you all that may or may not come in handy. I know this is not a wedding blog but we can make it one for a bit.

Lets talk about Bridal Showers; the party where you invite girls – aware you will be receiving presents – play games and then its over.

A week before the shower I did not have an outfit, i had shoes tho (jeffrey campbell – ) FLORAL SHOE– Since I was the main gig of the event so I really needed an outfit. Luckily I grabbed this pink tulle d&g back up skirt I was not really keen on wearing.

Thank the lord for ASOS.COM because I raided that website like a crazy lady and I ordered tons and tons of tops until I found the cutest white cropped top with a tie bow at the back, that I just love so much I want to wear daily.

I then came across a cute hair pin from the site and through that in my hair as well…

and thats that, I looked oh so very bridally. I think.. at least



and then the perks of having your sister as a makeup artist!


Tash is in the CITY. and I am Alive!

8 Sep

Truth is, I still exist, and so does this blog. I was a very neglectful person for the past couple of months. Here is why;

  1. I was planning a wedding (as per my last few posts)
  2. I then got married
  3. I then moved in to my very own NYC Apartment with  VIEW!! my husband lives here as well of course.
  4. I then had to learn how to cook – was very scary for me- I know the basics and I just keep making the same thing over and over on my amazing brevile griller machine.
  5. Then I went on an amazing lengthy honeymoon, as we all know, tashioncity loves her travel
  6. Then I came home, got back into reality, now its the day after labor day and I felt the need it was time to start writing again.
  7. Why do I want to start writing again, here is why:


  1. I love to write, even if it doesn’t make sense, or isn’t all that exciting
  2. I want my blog to finally become famous
  3. I finally technically am tash in the city – tashioncity of the fashion city, so i can legitimately share my experiences with you all while i live here.


the venue

27 Mar

lets just get a list out there of which venues I saw so maybe i can be your google.

I won’t be giving descriptions because that’s to ones own opinion

3 things I wanted/needed

1. outside ceremony

2. a place where they allowed kosher catering

3. enough space to hold my many guests , (jewish wedding were talking here)..

4. will throw in – somewhere not typical

places i saw ;

green tree country club

Carlyle on the green

surf club

sand castle

Glen Island Harbour Club

Jericho Terrace

Marina del Ray

Garden City Hotel

Westbury Manor

Crescent Beach Club

Fresh Meadows Country Club

Sands of Atlantic Beach

Fox Hollow

Dyker Beach and Golf Club

Rye Town Hilton

Vollage Club Lake Success

VIP Country Club

and then the planning

19 Mar

Being the planner that I am;

a. minored in event planning

b. used a homework planner my whole life

c. still use a planner

d. love organizing

Everyone told me to relax and enjoy the first few days of being engaged. I was so shocked and it didn’t feel real, even to this day I still find it weird to say “my wedding” or “my fiance” or “at my engagement party”. But once I had that ring on my finger I could not sit still, I needed that summer wedding and needed to find that date and venue.LIKE ASAP! So I did what I do best and I started calling/ stalking , whatever you want to call it- every bridal salon and every venue in an hour distance that had an outside.


since my beach wedding, my destination wedding, and my backyard wedding were all out of the question, I had to figure a few things out.

1. how many people do you hold- this was my first question- most places dont hold more than about 250 ppl, because most weddings in this country don’t have more than that but lets not forget I am a WEJ, so that alone raises my amount to over 450….

2. do you do outside catering… as in kosher

3. do you have outside ceremony options….

4. now; which dates do you even have available in June the most popular wedding month…

5. make appointments to go see venue after venue (I saw about 15 places)

6. have anxiety because everywhere is booked and everyone thinks I am asking for 2016 wedding dates, NO!

7. Good news is I got a place, a place I originally said DEFINITELY NOT DOING IT THERE, but lets just say it has a lot of positive checks.

rumor has it; tashioncity getting hitched?

19 Mar

Slightly delayed post, this time I may have a legitimate excuse as to why. However, I should not really be excusing myself I should have been here all this time telling you about my wedding journey, but don’t fret I am here now to do so.

For those of you who have been following me from the start of my blogging life you will know I spoke much about my dating excursions and love life or lack thereof. So here is some Great News!!! I am officially GETTING MARRIED. Yes i know it may be a shock to your system, it was to mine and still is, but this is not a drill this is the real deal.

Now before we go into details of the past 2 months of wedding planning and such lets just back track a bit. In a few posts ago I told you how I went on a date and it wasn’t a disaster. Well that date that I thought was not a disaster- the man who is my fiance now – thought it was a disaster but for some odd reason asked me out again. It is still a mystery to me why he did but I will take it.

the unknowiling disaster date that turned into complete success ;

1. I didn’t talk

2. when I did speak I answered his questions and that was it

3. I pronounced words wrong, and him being a intellect and perfectionist realized and stilll makes fun of me today about it

4. I chatted more to the gay waiter than I did to him

5. I told him how hot the bartender was and he must be french because french men are gorgeous

6. when we left the bar (mulberry projects- i suggest everyone go there and get the mojitos) it was pouring rain, I stood there while he tried to get a cab.

7. this cab was taking me back to penn station because I thought he wanted to end the date so I said yes I need to catch a train


1. we both discovered we love coffee ice cream and melted cheese

2. and that’s about it.

When he texted me after the date.. I WAS SHOCKED!! I thought for sure another date was not happening. I actually didn’t think it was a disaster but I was not phased either way for a second date. Mind you – on our second date he asked me for a third. I was like woah this kid is totally keen but still wondering why.

Not to bore you with details. lets skip forward a few dates- still was “EH” about it, went away for a few weeks, came out and still was “EH” BUT FEELING IT BIT MORE. then about 3 months in… this kid stole my heart, like how the H did that happen.

Now not to get all scientific- cheesy-kabbalistic on you all- When I look back at our beginning relationship, I realize there was something there from the start that i never realized but I guess subconsciously I felt it.

Less than 6 months later. BAM! he was down on one knee

(obviously more technical things happened before that moment but lets pretend it was all dramatic as it sounds)

IMG_3474 IMG_3483 IMG_3485 IMG_3493  IMG_3528 IMG_3565